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A dialogue among time, form and space

A dialogue among time, form and space

This enrichment process places its origin at a time when discovery of nature, its wonder and the resulting diversity of forms beginning with Art Nouveaux, an enduringly beautiful and sensual movement in art that brought the organic World brought inanimate objects to life through the fluid organic minds of designers, artists, photographers and architects alike.

Taken out of craft and into the 21st century progressive domain of polymerization and industry BIOPHILIA is a collection, acknowledges this lineage but pushes the boundaries between material structure and form into a new modern territory as yet unseen, parametrically conceived and diametrically opposed to modernism in its expression.

The sculptural image of the FAZ collection by Vondom

The components of the FAZ collection are made by the foldings of their bodies, creating interesting light and shadow effects, having a sculptural image as the result. Inspired in natural faceted mineral forms, integrates pieces made with different materials and technologies.

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ADAN Collection by VONDOM

Teresa Sapey surprises us with her creations, this time through the ADAN Collection, an item with a lot of personality, and a shape which is faceted, like that of a diamond.

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