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Morelato Srl
Morelato Srl
Località Valmorsel 540
Tel: +39045 6954001
Fax: +39 0456954030
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Morelato Srl

The history of Morelato is a story linked to a territory that has long reached its own identity through the many companies and many artisans engaged in the production of furniture for home furnishings. A piece of furniture, purchased by customers, who wish to furnish their homes or other buildings, is often linked to the classic tradition that Morelato has developed over the years articulated in different styles (Biedermeier, Direttorio, '900) up to the development of design and the production of modular systems and complements of contemporary character. This process has always been characterized by two main parameters: the artisan tradition of the family and the local roots both always present in the Morelato furniture production. The artisan tradition could only be linked to a family business as in the best Italian tradition: the Morelato family has preserved habits, rituals and relationships with the local resources. These features have characterized the company over time to the point that we can speak of a production with a strong local identity.
Furniture and furnishings of bygone days: the ability to Morelato to propose collections of furniture related to a particular historical period has its foundations in the willingness of the company to do continuous research and experimentation. This is the focal point of the Morelato as an important exponent of Italian cabinet making. Provencal style furniture, classic, antique: the design and production of the Morelato style furniture has no boundaries. Morelato reaches these results thanks to its technical department, the MAAM Research Center, which has effected research on the construction techniques of antique furniture that has facilitated the re-interpretation of classical furniture models, making them functional to present furnishing requirements for both home and collective spaces.







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