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Petropavlivska st. 14-E
08130 Kiev - UA
Tel: +38 0444507713
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ODESD2 design bureau is the Ukrainian company, one of the top on the Ukrainian market of modern designer furniture, decor and accessories. The company was founded in 2012 by architects Svyatoslav Zbroy and Dmitry Bulgakov. The best quality of materials, modern production technologies and highly skilled specialists allowed ODESD2 to gain the trust of a retail customers, who orders furniture for the home as well as interested in furniture for public spaces business representatives.

  • Q1 lounge chair

    Q1 lounge chair

    The spherical shape of the chair provides the most comfortable and natural for human seat.
  • V1 lounge chair

    V1 lounge chair

    The V1 chair gives you the retire in any room volume.
  • A1 chair

    A1 chair

    Construction A1 chair consists of several elements: vertical frames, seat and backrest.
  • E8 sofa

    E8 sofa

    E8 sofa is an example of attractive design and high functionality.
  • E7 sofa

    E7 sofa

    Hard metal frame and sustained legs make the E7 sofa reliable and attracts the attention.
  • E6 chair

    E6 chair

    E6 chair provides a comfortable fit due to the rigid structure of the metal bowl.
  • E9 couch

    E9 couch

    Reliable, comfortable, minimalistic - these are the main characteristics of the E9 couch.
  • R3 sofa

    R3 sofa

    The R sofa series by ODESD2 is ideal for public spaces
  • R2 sofa

    R2 sofa

    Comfortable sofa for public space or living room area.
  • R4 chair

    R4 chair

    The chair looks good in a restrained Scandinavian style public space or apartment.
  • R6 couch

    R6 couch

    Minimalist construction with wooden legs, a solid base and two pillows.
  • Q5 chair

    Q5 chair

    The Q5 chair consists entirely of triangles, each new is a continuation of the previous one verge.
  • E1 bar stool

    E1 bar stool

    Thin edges of the bar stool form the most reliable steel base.
  • C5 bar stool

    C5 bar stool

    In bar stool C5 a metal seat is a central element, and it seemed to descend from the sky.
  • B1 bench

    B1 bench

    This bench will become an accent in a residential interior, it is perfect for public spaces.
  • E2 chair

    E2 chair

    The E2 chair is the embodiment of the Japanese understanding of beauty.
  • F1 table

    F1 table

    Bended lines of metal stripe turn the table to modern and recognizable piece of furniture.
  • W1 vanity table

    W1 vanity table

    The W1 vanity table is a laconic construction with a rectangular mirror and a spacious drawer.
  • E11 bedside table

    E11 bedside table

    Strict metal base is balanced with the warmth of the wooden box.
  • R1 bed

    R1 bed

    The basis of the bed is all welded metal construction which provides the strength of the furniture.
  • Ova Floor Lamp

    Ova Floor Lamp

    Minimalist floor lamp looks expressive and sculptural
  • Ova table lamp

    Ova table lamp

    Laconic and minimalist lamp can be used as a night-light.
  • BB1 chair

    BB1 chair

    Graphically explicit line of a basis looks like it was sketched by a highlighter
  • K1 chair

    K1 chair

    The model has strong expressive design due to sharp chopped lines

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