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KDM International Srl

Toncelli Cucine Srl
Toncelli Cucine Srl
Viale A. Gramsci, 19
Tel: +39 0587635032
Fax: +39 0587636410
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Toncelli Cucine Srl

From the great Italian cabinet-making tradition to the contemporary tailor made kitchens of today: Toncelli began its journey at the dawn of the 60's, in the traditional heart of Tuscan wood craft.
Today the company is projected into the future with a professionalism reinforced through technology. The aim is the same: to retain their identity.
Founded by the Fernando, the company is today run by the second generation, with Lorenzo Toncelli Sales Maneger, Tommaso Toncelli as Art Director, and Alessandro Ciani as General Manager, Toncelli represents a superb example of a family company able to evolve without compromise, better able to focus on their uniqueness, based on the ability to produce a custom made product, through meticulous attention to detail, of sizes and designs that are truly Italian. In one word, Toncelli is a dynamic business, able to satisfy the needs of each customer, delivering incomparable quality, that is both unique and advanced.
To accomplish this, building on their particular historical experience, Toncelli concentrates its energy on Research and Development, it is their commitment to translate advanced solutions from other sectors into the arena of kitchens. The history of Toncelli expanded through a single denominator, the Material. It is in fact through exploring the Material that Toncelli bases its innovation. Every research project begins here; product innovation arises from the desire to breath life into the materials.
The continuous search for exclusive Materials is in fact what differentiates Toncelli and has formed its way of thinking, indicating to them the way forward. Hence the choice of MANUFATTO ITALIANO, as the company identity: “the work of man”.



    The new kitchen concept integrated in open space by electrical sliding countertop
  • WIND


    Wind collection represents 50 years of experience of Toncelli’s history


    Innovation, functionality and immense charm for the new Toncelli kitchen

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