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Volpi Srl
Volpi Srl
Via del Commercio, 4 - Fraz. Cevoli di Lari
56035 PISA - IT
Tel: +39 0587684218
Fax: +39 0587684286
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Volpi Srl

A production company operating in the furnishing industry since 1959, that has gradually evolved and consolidated the success of “Made in Italy”.
A strong team of highly qualified professionals forms the company’s operating staff. From master carpenters to specialist technicians. The company was created from a passion for traditional craft of the founder Luigi Volpi and grew over the years in partnership with his three children. Tradition and innovation combine to pave the way to new eye-catching milestones from classic to latest generation.

  • Elisabetta


    All-new textiles and precious finishes to explore a new classic style.
  • Olga


    A dynamic adventure of unusual solutions and creative choices.
  • Matilde


    Snowy decor that will bring a new light into the living room.
  • Alice


    A combination of white and silver enhances the unique elegance of the Volpi furniture.
  • Capri


    A combination of white and silver enhances the unique elegance of the Volpi furniture.
  • Giulietta


    An extra-sized mirror reflects an intimate landscape.
  • Capri


    Romantic style as a vocation, enlivened by decorations and design comprising unique
  • Mafalda


    Soft, enveloping and sumptuous are ideal attributes for this mafalda armchair and sofa
  • Capri


    Desire for softness leads to new design objects with an extra touch of comfort
  • Romeo


    A play of shapes that wrap, intertwine and combine together with golden finished wood
  • Boemia


    Sofas and armchairs of the BOTERO
  • Capri


    Classically-styled furniture and contemporary architecture blend in a play of harmony and affinity.
  • Boemia


    Colours and materials handcrafted right down to the minimum detail
  • Boemia


    The BOEMIA collection is presented with various finishes and fabric types
  • Emma


    The value of materials define a personal style in which furniture turns into a daily emotion
  • Signoria


    Between modernity and tradition, a proposal for an exclusive bedroom
  • Proposal 58 - Narciso

    Proposal 58 - Narciso

    Blending modern and traditional, in a truly exclusive bedroom concept.
  • Proposal 57 - Adele with Crown

    Proposal 57 - Adele with Crown

    Sophisticated decorative concepts to dream about, awake or asleep
  • Proposal 50 - Mafalda

    Proposal 50 - Mafalda

    Blue and silver tones are natural complements for a never-given-for-granted style
  • Proposal 54 - Leonardo

    Proposal 54 - Leonardo

    For everyone to touch: seducing pieces of furniture made by expert hands
  • Proposal 49 - Angelica

    Proposal 49 - Angelica

    Solid materials are the throbbing heart of this furniture with handcrafted style
  • Proposal 46 - Matilde

    Proposal 46 - Matilde

    The key features of this Matilde bedroom are white nuances and a whitened gold finish
  • Proposal 38 - Doge with canopy

    Proposal 38 - Doge with canopy

    Classical means a combination of elegance and purity
  •   Proposal 42 - Venere with canopy

    Proposal 42 - Venere with canopy

    Sumptuous, romantic and fairy are the three adjectives describing this emotion-rich bed with canopy
  • Proposal 39 - Diletta

    Proposal 39 - Diletta

    DILETTA bed has carved legs which, together with the bed surround, are signs of timeless elegance
  • Proposal 35 - Capri

    Proposal 35 - Capri

    A precious and seductive sleeping space where gold, soft padding and capitonné finishes stick out
  • Proposta  120 - Arco

    Proposta 120 - Arco

    The kids’ room plays hide-and-seek with a new kind of softness, taking on truly decorative features
  • Proposal 119 - ALICE cot

    Proposal 119 - ALICE cot

    All the charm of classic tradition can be found in this utterly adorable nursery
  • Proposal 118 - Wave and Pirate

    Proposal 118 - Wave and Pirate

    Shades of blue lend a masculine character to this bedroom
  • Proposal 116 - Wave with Crown

    Proposal 116 - Wave with Crown

    Surrounded by these ornate and fanciful carved crowns, every little girl will feel like a princess
  • Proposal 112 - Gaia

    Proposal 112 - Gaia

    A play of fabrics, with unusual shapes and intaglio decorations
  • Proposal 106 - Serena with canopy

    Proposal 106 - Serena with canopy

    The room of her dreams is decorated in floral motifs and tones of pink and white
  • Proposta 115 - Nuvola with canopy

    Proposta 115 - Nuvola with canopy

    Fabric bows combined with refined carvings
  • Proposal 102 - Romeo with canopy

    Proposal 102 - Romeo with canopy

    Life is lovely in a golden world filled with precious objects and light
  • Proposal 121 - Violetta

    Proposal 121 - Violetta

    A sweet, enchanted world in high-quality pastel shades
  • Olga


    Carving wood, consummately crafted, give a regal look to this sumptuous bathroom from Volpi
  • Olga 2

    Olga 2

    Carving wood, consummately crafted, give a regal look to this sumptuous bathroom from Volpi
  • Capri


    A perfect balance between classic elegance and practical contemporary solutions
  • Emma


    Formal elegance for Volpi’s office space with antiqued finishes
  • Botero


    The value of materials defines a personal style in which furniture turns into a daily emotion.


    A unique collection, where fusion coexists with a variety of styles
  • Tolomeo - Bolla

    Tolomeo - Bolla

    An array of different shapes, materials and processes of superior craftsmanship.
  • Bolla


    The burnished glass, curved at high temperatures and mirror-polished.
  • Tolomeo - Sally

    Tolomeo - Sally

    Warm hues, natural materials and technology.
  • Raven


    Original, creative solutions: new forms for wood.
  • Massenet - Dedalo

    Massenet - Dedalo

    A newfound elegance, the leitmotif of the contemporary Collection.
  • Eclipse - Empire

    Eclipse - Empire

    Wood as the consummate star of home decor.
  • Udinì


    This is a warm and comfortable stylistic solution.
  • Empire


    The strong personality of the Empire writing desk.
  • Rolling - Sally

    Rolling - Sally

    Seeking lightness and simplicity, elegance and purity.
  • Wave


    Volpi’s contemporary collection is the best expression of Italian design with inborn elegance.
  • Wallis Composition W001G

    Wallis Composition W001G

    Sculptural impact, contemporary charm
  • Wallis Composition W009G

    Wallis Composition W009G

    Proportions and formal consistency
  • Wallis Composition W008G

    Wallis Composition W008G

    Arises from a pure geometric shape, the square.
  • Wallis Composition W004G

    Wallis Composition W004G

    Sophisticated cabinetmaking
  • Wallis Composition W001N

    Wallis Composition W001N

    Renewing tradition
  • Wallis Composition W002N

    Wallis Composition W002N

    Wallis gives free rein to bedroom design
  • Wallis Composition W003

    Wallis Composition W003

    Contemporary, poetic aesthetics
  • Sabrina - Maracanà

    Sabrina - Maracanà

    A unique collection, where fusion coexists with a variety of styles.
  • Maracanà - Robert

    Maracanà - Robert

    Textile settings
  • Pia-Santigo


    An unprecedented, unconventional symbol
  • BlaBla


    Revamping a classic is the purpose of this new Volpi contemporary collection
  • Varenne-Isabella


    Couture materials to dress up your home
  • Loop-Talete


    The colour of ultimate chic, lit up with a variety of shades.

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