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The Life Stories Collection is a real unique journey in search of sophisticated furniture solutions. Three different models that tell us real life stories.
The Saint Louis is a reinterpretation of the design of the 50s: a large kitchen program that adapts to different living situations. Soft colours, rounded and smooth lines and full of character (hinged doors, sliding, slanted, ribbed aluminum): this in a nutshell, the kitchen Saint Louis with its retro flavor combined with modern technology.
For the Montserrat Mr. Gianluigi Marchi was inspired by the Spanish soprano Maria de Montserrat and by the monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat a few kilometers from Barcelona. A kitchen with a strong, contemporary character that adapts to different styles, from the loft to the most elegant house giving it, thanks to the important arched element, a unique and distinctive sign.
The Bar&Barman, imposing and impressive, wants catapult the spirit of the "cafè of 50s" in kitchens’ world. It is our top of the range. Nothing is ready and there are no constraints whatsoever: the keyword is “overdo” in every sense. It born from the mind and from the heart of the customer and from the designer’s pencil.

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