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Leather mosaics and boiseries for exclusive interiors

Leather mosaics and boiseries for exclusive interiors

Kaleidos is a series of leather mosaics and boiseries: décor is not a supplement in aesthetic design; it’s an expression of the Priante Pelleitaliana leather identity.
Thanks to the aesthetic dimension of Kaleidos, every living or business space can indeed be decorated with a touch of design - living rooms, bedrooms, suites, spas, lounge bars, show-rooms, boutiques, receptions, offices and galleries.
Whether replacing or accompanying wallpaper, stucco or ceramic tiles, Kaleidos mosaics and boiseries can cover bearing and dividing walls, or sections of them, in a choice from a range of décor and colours.
Charming and refined, the elegant boiseries in plain and decorated leather recall nostalgic atmospheres and are designed to satisfy the tastes of those who love the Neo-classical style.
Kaleidos matches the leather Lifestile series tiles by Nextep Leathers, for visual alchemy that draws you in…skin-deep.


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