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Vapor floor lamp

Vapor floor lamp

Design has no borders and no boundaries, is like an intangible vapor that can reach people and places without limits, without walls.
Thanks to this concept by Karim Rashid, was born Vapor, a design that captures the small details of routine by making them embrace futurism.
That observing all those large air-conditioning units running in the summer everywhere in NYC, is born the feeling of radial propulsion, inspired by the illusion of movement given by hidden light and penetrating into fins. “Anything that is new to my senses, unusual, odd, inspires me. Beauty is in everything if we want to see it”.
The idea is shown in concept sketches and then re-created in the design studio more and more honing. Studying and experimenting with new technology and production processes it has come to its final realization, swirling shape rippled with pure geometries married with an organic design.
The material used is metal, perfect for recreating the ribs that identify Vapor easier then his soft and sinuous curves.
Floor lamp with a strong character , Vapor breaks in the interior so sensual, poetic, sculptural, ergonomic and fluid. All this enhanced by the pure color, sophisticated and intimate to give positive energy to the spaces with its spiritual and candid light.


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